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Since its inception in 2018 Mojo Moves has forged some great partnerships in its hometown of Frome in Somerset including Frome Town Council through which it has worked at many of the local First schools.

We have also worked with children & young adults with additional needs and seen fantastic results in an improvement of motor skills & co-ordination as well as communication and confidence.

Mojo Moves is a social fitness class which combines comedy theatre with proper exercise and it succeeds where other sports activities fail in that children don't know they are exercising and before you know it the whole school is fitter and happier. 

With childhood anxiety & depression on the rise and the popularity of sedentary activities such as gaming or watching TV, Mojo Moves fills the gap between exercise & entertainment but it also offers positive reinforcement and confidence building.

We are now offering schools regular weekly sessions.

This includes a 40 minute aerobic dance workout and 5 minutes of relaxation & mindfulness.

We can also offer one-off sessions for children of all ages and abilities instilling great exercise habits for the future as well as encouraging positive mental health in children and young adults.

Get in touch for a quote.

We are DBS checked.

Schools we have worked with: Critchill School. Hayesdown First School. Larkrise Trowbridge. Steiner School. St John's School. St Louis Primary. Trinity First school. Vallis School. 

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