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Mojo Moves is a brand created by Rare Species Theatre Company.


With 30 yrs experience, the versatile Rare Species specialise in interactive improvised comedy theatre, inviting the public to play along with their immaculately detailed characters and enjoy the ride. It is made up of real life partners Ginny Adams and Nelly (Neil) Fowler.

In 2018 Rare Species became incorporated as a Community Interest Company (CIC), a decision born of a desire to unite communities through comedy and shared theatrical experiences whilst providing effective health and well-being outcomes.


Mojo Moves was created as an antidote to the Ginny's own low mood (dressing up & performing has always provided relief in the face of adversity) and a need to get fit and create regular performing/teaching work in her home town of Frome in Somerset.

Since June 2018, after studying ETM, Ginny has been running regular weekly classes in Somerset, Banes & Wiltshire. 

For Nelly it is a part-time role as he takes on parenting duties for the couple's 5 year old son.

The couple met in 1998 whilst performing with an award winning and Internationally renowned Street Theatre Company. 

They have performed all over the world including some obscure destinations such as Kazakhstan, Nigeria & Equador and have been lucky enough to travel to Australia, Japan and China and it was during their time performing at the Shanghai Expo that Rare Species began (Ginny insisted she wanted to appear on the Expo site as a British Panda with Nelly as her Johnny Morris-esque keeper). They had a sign made up in British and Mandarin which said "British Panda - very rare species" and the name stuck.

Panda's aside, the couple have also appeared as the Queen & Prince Charles on Britain's Got Talent (an experience they would rather forget) and are annual contributors to Bath Comedy Festival and The Wine Arts Trail. They also run a highly regarded comedy guided walk of Frome "Frome - The Fecund Coming".

Pre-lockdown, Mojo Moves was a regular fixture at Trinity First School and Critchill School in Frome for children and young adults with additional needs as well as running sessions at Larkrise in Trowbridge.


The company has also worked on a study run by Dr Julie Latchem-Hastings (LEAP-MS) providing short adapted versions of the classes for people living with progressive MS and work regularly with Frome Town Council as part of the school travel challenge - encouraging children and parents to leave the car at home and be more active - the "Make it Happen" conference for young adults, Sportsfest and the Christmas Lights extravaganza.

Since 2018 Mojo Moves has raised over £2000 for local charities and schools as well as providing the warm-up for fundraisers for 365 for WHY and Dorothy House Hospice.

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