is an 80s-style aerobics class run by a comedy performer who trained as a fitness instructor - simple as that!

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Looking for a unique workout which will have you laughing yourself fit while gaining self confidence & sass?
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With childhood obesity, anxiety & depression on the rise, we can help get kids moving while gaining self confidence & a little bit of musical history.
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That was the BEST workout class  I have ever been to. Absolutely can't wait to come back. It's like therapy

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9:30 am

It's the eye of the tiger, it's the thrill of the fight,Risin' up to the challenge of our rival!

Get your week off to the best start with an online feel good dance aerobics workout like no other and reclaim your mojo back from the universe!


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7:00 pm

Oh I wanna dance with somebody!

I wanna feel the heat with somebody!

Join Cheryl for a lively evening aerobic workout. Where else can you bust out your best dance moves, make new friends and get fit?




9:30 am

You're simply the best, better than all the rest,
Better than anyone, anyone I ever met.

Midweek mojo maintenance to get you through the week. A real pick me up for all ages from 1-100. Give it a try!


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9:30 am

We are the champions, my friends
And we'll keep on fighting 'til the end.

Feel good Fridays are the best way to kickstart a fabulous weekend and, if you're lucky, you might get to meet international star Tony DiMonté.





any time, any place

Party like it's 1999!

Book us for your special event online or face to face & socially distanced.

Birthday party, hen-do, team building or fundraising. 


Prices start from £75



Mojo Moves® is a feel good workout which combines comedy with proper dance aerobics.

Yes, you heard that right, comedy.

But that doesn't mean we don't take your wellbeing seriously.


The classes are hosted by Rare Species theatre company who have 30 years experience in improvised character comedy and are led by larger-than-life character & trained fitness instructor Cheryl Sprinkler (occasionally joined by her muse Tony DiMonté) complete with neon leotard, legwarmers, perm & oversized specs. She is funny & sassy and radiates so much energy and love that it's hard not to become infected with positivity but not in an overbearing or sickly way. You can rediscover a joy and playfulness that you may not have felt for years as you dance unselfconsciously (through multiple genres in the style of an eager backing dancer) and laugh your way through the sessions.


We believe that any health program should start from the top and that means your mental health is imperative.

It's no good being super fit but completely highly strung, or a perfect 10 but relying on anti-depressants to get through the day.


Mojo Moves is all about getting your mojo back.

Life can throw us stressful, frightening & difficult situations and now more than ever, we need to maintain good mental health, strength and resilience to enable us to cope.

We are here to help. 

We work with private & corporate clients, local councils, community groups, charities, schools and health experts to deliver a first class fitness solution for all ages and abilities.

We use powerful positive affirmations and deep breathing to end every session and bring about a feeling of calm and wellbeing.
It is a mid to high energy, empowering class which is guaranteed to work every muscle in your body, combining balance, flexibility, conditioning and cardio in easy to follow dance aerobics routines. Throw in some TV theme tunes for nostalgia, yogic breathing for balance and sing-along lyrics for memory and confidence and you have "simply the best" group exercise class ever and boy do we sweat and burn calories!

Cheryl, the self proclaimed “Queen of literal dance” draws her “dancespiration” from ballet to break dance and will have you busting moves like “The Robot” or 80s classic “The Sprinkler” to an eclectic mix of tunes from 1900 to the present day. 

Gone is the repetitive bpm standard playlist and in its place carefully curated music to enhance the feel good mood.

Where else could you dance to The Cure, Dolly Parton, Village People, Roni Size and the theme from Dallas in one go?

With anxiety & depression on the rise amongst all age groups and the popularity of sedentary activities such as gaming or watching TV, Mojo Moves fills the gap between exercise & entertainment and before you know it you've danced for 45 minutes and it's so much fun you'll want to keep doing it!

Reclaim your mojo back from the universe!


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